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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Beauty tip for winter by Sally Hunwick

Winter makeup trend
A smooth finish with smoky eyes. Remember, because your eyes are accentuated with darker makeup, your lips and cheekbone should have nude colours or light colours. Else you look like you painted your face. The opposite is also true. If you want to accentuate your lips with dark or bright lipstick, use moderate eye shadow and liner.

Make your skin glow!
Because it's cold and the air is dry, pick a foundation with moisturiser. But, always powder the the zone, because that's where you have the most sebaceous glands. You won't want oily shimmers on your forehead!

Pick the right lipstick
To do this, find one which matches your true lip colour. Then, pick darker or brighter shades from the same colour group

Important stuff to have
It's a face paced world. What does it mean??? Eye bags and dark shadows. Always have correctors among your makeup tools. Pick one that's about a shade lighter than your skin. They're great for blemishes too. Face oil help hydrate the skin and make makeup easier to apply, but if you have oily skin, try a moisturiser which is oil-free. I think Bio-Oil is good too. It doesn't leave an oily layer on the skin (always apply minimally! A couple of drop usually suffices!)

P/s: I love her blue nails! :)

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