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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My 3rd favourite colour..Purple!

Hmmm...I have been wearing red and black alot..And I finally found my purple Now top underneath a heap of other clothes (clean!) and decided to don it on for this auspicious day...Last day of exams! Wooot! Tell me ladies, do I look like a hooker in my fishnets??Hope not!

Hmmm...Jag har burits ofta röd och svart..Och jag funnit min purpurfärgad Now top idag! Undersida en massa kläder (Ren!) . Jag vill bär toppen på denna speciell dag...Sista tentor! Hurrah! Hoppas jag ser inte ut som om jag är en fnask med fishnets?? Vad tycker dig?


Psyche said...

The purple top looks great!

yiqin; said...

Red + black is AWESOME ! But purple is nice as well! I always like how fishnets awlays makes an outfit look really sexy.

are you there, god? it's me. said...

that is STUNNING