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Monday, June 16, 2008

Vampishly ruffly

I simply loved the first picture in one of my posts. Apart for her makeup, the outfit is amazing (not that one can see the whole outfit...but it's a start for an idea for an outfit!). Of course, the beautiful ruffles and the dark red works so well with the make-up. And the messy-ish just-out-of bed locks are beautiful. I have yet to perfect that messy hair look...Tried not combing my hair for a few days but that didn't really achieve the full effect. Probably because my hair very long and it weighs down...Maybe Super Kawaii Mama is right...Maybe I should cut it!

Jag älskar den först bilden från min post "Gothic Makeup on the Catwalk". Frånsett make-uppen, utstyrseln är fantastisk (fastän jag ser inte den...men den ger föreställning!) Den vacker ruffle och mörk rött matchar make-uppen. Och jag älskar den bökig hårstilen :)

Get her look!
Top: Knitted skinny top with ruffled bust US$9.99 from Ebay
Skirt: From Warehouse £40.00
Red fur scarf:NZ$120 from Possum NZ
Jacket: From Wizzardoreas Wardrobe Ltd


Super Kawaii Mama said...

To achieve this look you would need to have your hair layered. (It is less dramatic than cutting it all off to start with) Then use heated rollers to curl it, or if you don't have those, use a bit of texturing spray to slightly dampen your hair, twist it into a bun to sleep on, and it should be perfect in the morning. (That's what I do when I really can't be bothered making an effort)Show us how it turns out.

yiqin; said...

I'd love to perfect the messy hair look too! I tried & it just looks, messy :/

Leith said...
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Lil Midget said...

@ SKM: Thanks! I'm thinkin about cutting it a little shorter and then giving it some curls. Getting bored og long straight hair..hehe