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Thursday, July 24, 2008

No under 18 models for David Jones' catwalk

Do you remember young Gabriel Maddison who was chosen as Gold Coast Fashion Week ambassador at the tender age of 12? And 14 year old beauty Monika Jagaciak who was opted out of the Rosemount Fashion Week this year? Finally, the fashion industry is showing more concern about the welfare of our teenage generation. David Jones has imposed an under-18 ban for their upcoming summer fashion parades. Good on them! I agree that models should be at the very least 16 to be able to handle the harshness of the modelling and fashion industry. Like many jobs, modelling requires a vast amount of maturity and while I'm not saying that under 16s are immature, they can easily become targets of abuse and exploitation. Plus, being exposed to the current heat of the waif thin look, it would not be too good for them unless they are able to handle the pressure. Tell me what you think :) Hugs!

Minnas du den ung Gabriel Maddison som var valt som ambassadören för dem Gold Coast Mode Veckan. Hon var 12 år gammal. Och skönheten från Poland (14 år gammal), Monika Jagaciak, som dra tillbaka från den Rosemount Sydney Mode Veckan. Modenäringen aktar sig den ung generationen äntligen. David Jones har belagt en under-18 bann för deras sommar mode parad. Grattis David Jones! Jag enar att fotomodell bör vara minst 16 år gammal. Modenäringen har månget tryck och fotomodell behöver en väldig mognad. Ung flickor kan vara missbrukat och exploarterat med lätthet. Där är trycket för den benig looken och är inte bra för flickor som kan inte handerar trycket. Vad tycker du? :) Kramkram!


Monika Jagaciak

Gabriel Maddison

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Danz said...

12 and 14 are wayyyyyyyyy too young to be modelling clothing for adults. If they want to model teen clothing that's fine, but anything other than that is just too mature. The half naked, overtly sexy outfits are especially wrong for a girl that age! I'm totally for this age restriction.