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Monday, August 18, 2008

Rock it out like Aggy

I love Aggy. She is one of the most original and stylish models around. I love her rocking and quirky outfits :) Get Aggy's look above!

Jag älskar Aggy. Hon är någon av den mest original och snitsig modellen. Jag älskar hon rocka och bessynerliga utstyrsel :) Skaffa Aggys look!

Low rise jeans with rips US$48.50
Yellow "Rock n Roll 74" tshirt for girls AUS$2.13
A pair of Converse sneakers
Thin studded belt AU$5.35

Or make your own ripped jeans (From WikiHow)
  1. Get some jeans. They should be comfortable, loose pants, or use a pair that you already have that are cheap.
  2. Prepare to cut them, either while wearing them or with them off. It's easier if they are on you, because you can judge measurement easily, but be extra careful to avoid cutting yourself. (Trace out the area you are planning on cutting with a pencil before you cut to avoid making mistakes).
  3. Rub the jeans. Start with sandpaper (get a piece of the roughest cut you can from your dad or your local Walmart/Home Depot) and rub hard across the front of your knees, thighs, and rub the blade of the knife against the lines. For example, if the lines are horizontal, do it vertically (and vice versa).
  4. Make some holes. When you have created a slit, take the pointy end of the knife and rub it against the edges until you see the white strings going in the opposite direction. Keep doing this until you have the desired hole size. Repeat this until you have a good number of holes in the pants.
      • To cut a knee hole, it's best to sand down the knees the most. They will begin to fray and holes will begin to form. Spread apart the holes within the desired location as far as you want the hole to extend with the tip of a knife, then rub the edges with the knife so that they get fuzzy and messy.
  5. Age them a bit. When the jeans are finished, throw them in the water with a little bit of bleach to age them a bit. Then dry them. The washing will also fray the cuts and make them look better. Or you could use a cheese grater, they work amazingly too.
  6. Stand back and admire your work. Voila! You have just created your own unique ripped jeans - take that, name brands!

wash your jeans. washing begins to make them fray and gets all of the bleach out of the that you soaked them in they start to fray and look more loose and destressed to works very good! be sure to wash in hot water. after washing put in dryer on high for about 15 minutes with fabric softener sheets.

Method 2:
  1. Figure out where you want the rips/frays and mark it with a pencil.
  2. Take a pair of scissors and do not cut the jeans! Instead, open the scissors wide and score the jeans with the pointy end just rubbing it back and forth. The jeans will start to have lots of scratches and whitish marks. This is wearing the jeans thin to look like you naturally just wore them to death! Keep doing this and after a while they will rip open and look completely natural. Do not cut the white strands holding the hole together. This will naturally rip as you wear them and wash them.
  3. Another alternative method for more exact holes would be to take a sewing needle and pull out some of the stitching. If you pull up hard enough, the stitches will tear, and if this is done enough around a certain area, it will create small, frayed holes. This is easiest with lighter jeans, because the stitches are more distinct from each other than with dark jeans.

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