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Friday, August 8, 2008

Spring is in the air

Me and my partner went to East Maitland during the weekend to visit some friends and watch Batman: The Dark Knight at a drive-in theatre. It was simply amazing! The Dark Knight follows well from Batman Begins. Unlike the older Batman movies, where it is obvious that it is a fantasy, The Dark Knight seems so realistic. Especially Joker. The late Heath Ledger played The Joker so well it is as if the movie producers plucked a clown dressed psychopath of the street. It was great :D

We also watched Mama Mia. Mama Mia isn't my favourite of movies. The plot was rather predictable and my taste in musicals is more of the operatic sort (Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music). I think Mama Mia was a good laugh. Especially when Pierce Brosnan sang...Not a singer that one, Mr Bond. I must give thumbs up to Meryl Streep though. Being less young than the other actors on the movie, she was the most vibrant and energetic. Go Meryl :) And her singing wasn't too bad either.

Movie talk over, it was a really sunny day when I headed of to East Maitland. Flowers were starting to bloom, so I put on an orange maxi dress. It was quite a change from my usual dark colours..But the faithful corset belt is always there... Heheh.

Jag och min pojkevän for till East Maitland på veckoslutet. Vi besökte vår vänner och tittade på Batman:The Dark Knight på en drive-in teater. The Dark Knight är UNDERBAR! Det är mycket realistisk särskilt The Joker. Jag tittade på Mama Mia också. Jag gillar inte Mama Mia. Handlingen var för förutsebar och föredrar jag operaartad musikal.

Vädret var mycket soligt och jag blommor var sabla. Jag bar min orange maxi dress. Något färg för omväxlings skull! Men min trogen korsettbälte är där alltid! :)

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