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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bring back the 50s

I don't think anyone who reads this blog would remember the 50s...Heheh. I was visiting What's What in Australian Fashion and it looks like the 50s are swinging back into the 21st century. Literally...I scoured the internet for 50s skirts and I must definitely agree, they do swing. Full skirt great for the dance floor. Check them out. I think they will look excellent for summer :) By the way, does anyone know about the 50s' fascination with poodles??? I don't like poodles...I like 'manly' dogs like German shepherds and huskies...I guess a german sheperd wouldn't look too great on a skirt anyway! :P

Inga som läser min blogg minns den 50s tycker jag...Heheh. Jag besökte What's What in Australian Fashion och den 50s kjolen har retunerat. De ser ljuvlig ut tycker jag och är lämpade för alla kroppform. Dö dem! De ser bra ut på sommar. Känner ni anledningen den 50s älskar pudel??? Jag gillar inte pudel. Jag älskar manliska hund sådana German sherpherd och husky. Men German sheperd ser inte bra ut på kjol i alla fall! :P

Pink and black polka dot skirt US$55.00

Oasis floral skirt £50.00

Red 50s skirt US$45.00

Pink skirt with black poodle $US18.53

Black lace skirt US$14.99

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