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Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's getting warmer

Hello my dear readers..
I've been a little lazy with my blog the past few days...But I do have a viable excuse! It's starting to get very very warm here in Australia and I have been suffering from heat exhaustion. I've been feeling really ill and had to stay in bed with a massive headache and continuously drinking water (eventhough I feel so bloated! Heheh). But I'm recovering now, staying in the shadows and still continuously sipping water (which isn't desirable since it's such a beautiful day outside!). Being interested in the field of health, I thought that I should put up some good tips I found on med websites to help combat heat related illnesses...

1) Drink! Water is usually the best, cheapest and easiest. Sports drinks like Gatorade, Powerade or 100 Plus are good too, because they contain essential salts. Stay away from caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea or Red Bull. They dehydrate you. Even Coke isn't too good for you if you're dehydrated.
2) Be reasonable if you're exercising.
3) Clothes. Wear light clothing with light colours if possible. Sheer material (one of the trends for spring and summer) is a very smart choice.
4) Stay in a cool environment. While it's tempting to roast in the sun for that wonderful tan, it's best to stay shaded during the hotter days. Would you risk your health just to get brown??? Air conditioners are good, but if you don't have one, invest in a good fan.

Stay healthy people!! Xo

Hallå min vackra läsare! Jag har blivit lat de senaste dagar. Det var inte trevlig därför att var dag mycket ljuvlig..Men har jag bra anledningar! Jag ådrog sig värmeslag och mådde dåligt. Dagarna bli varmer här i Australien. Jag hade en kraftig huvudvärk och låg till sängs och dricker massor av vatten. Men är bra jag nu :) Här är något tippar för det varm vädret..

1) Dricka! Vatten är bäst. Idrottsvatten till exempel Gatorade, Powerade eller 100Plus är bra också därför att har dem viktiga salt. Dricka inte kaffe, te eller energidrickor till exempel Red Bull. De torka ut dig. Coca Cola är inte bra också
2) Motionera med skäl
3) Bar ljus kläder. Sheer tyg (någon av vår och sommar trend) är mycket bra :)
4) Förbliv i kall miljö. Jag kunnar suntan ser sexig ut men är vad mer viktigt? Din solbränna eller hälsa????? Förbliv i skuggor när dag är mycket varm.

Förbliv hälsosam min vänner! Kramar!

Only in Australia!


Aube said...

Please put as many summer clothes on this blog as you can...In Poland summer is gone for good (8 celcius degrees outside - around 46 in fahrenheits') and we're preparing for 6 months of autumn/ winter/ autumn/ spring/ winter/ spring (exactly in this order)...
I wish I could run away south...

Hunters Glory said...

getting cooler here in the US as well. Welcoming the cool off but summer is my favorite!
So yeah keep us in the summer mode with some summer posts! ;)

love the pic!

Bucca said...

lol cute pic at the bottom there!
Wow I wish it was warming up that much in Melbourne!