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Monday, September 22, 2008

Victorian Romance...

I've always wished I was born in the Romantic or Victorian eras....Just because I simply love the full skirts, gorgeous detail and feminine elegance. Actually, if one travels the streets of Harajuku in Japan, Victorian fashion is quite popular especially among the goths and lolitas. I saw some pics from Bucca and decided to look for some beautiful Victorian era gowns...Just to feed my fantasies...

Jag har alltid önskat jag var från Romantiken eller Viktorian era...Bara för att älaskar jag galamunderingar, vackra detajl och den feminin elegansen. Du kan ser många utstyrsel med Viktorian inflytande på Harajuku i Japan. Viktorianmode är popular med goth och lolita. Jag såg någon bilder på Buccas blogg och sökte interneten för vackra Viktorian klänningar...Bara för att min fantasis blåtenheten...

And I love their hats
Jag älskar hattar också

How gothic and lolita fashion has adopted Victorian styles
Vad gothikmode och lolitamode adopterade Viktorian stilar

Other Victorian stuff
Andra Victorian jox

P/s: Betty Boop is the epitome of cute!


Hunters Glory said...

I wish hats would make a serious come back. I have always thought a gal in a hat is sexy!

Bucca said...

Stunning! love the eye candy fashion shots! and thanks for the link! have you checked out this site http://members.aol.com/retroscope/index.html

I am really craving these looks there are so many cute styles.
I want to have a costume party with a Marie Antoinette theme

Let's bring Victorian style back!!

mademoiselleb said...

Moi Même Moitié is a good example too.:)I love the blue hat.

Scorpion Nguyen said...

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