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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When the clock strikes twelve

I received a free fashion magazine called Yen a few days ago (courtesy of Australian Post because I filled in a survey). I came across a colour which I find quite stunning...Midnight blue : ) I reckon this colour is lovely for winter nights, especially in sequins!

För några dagar sedan fick jag ett fritt magasin, Yen. Jag fann den här fin fin farger...midnattsblå. Oh! Mycket romantisk!

Dior 2004

Primark Winter 2008 Collection


1928 Jewellery



SR@MyStyle said...

I agree midnight blue is a gorgeous shade! thanks for stopping by too!

Ashley said...

Omg I LOVE the Dior midnight blue polish! Must have!


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous, darling! Love the Dior runway and nail polish!!
Fab post, M!


kirstyb said...

wow that is a fantastic colour and loving the pics xxxxxxx

Hunters Glory said...

love the second pic!


deep_in_vogue said...

Gorgeous shade, I agree!

yiqin; said...

Its a very lovely shade of blue :)

The Pink Slip said...

Oooh La-la to midnight Blue!

MC's Closet said...

love that nail polish!! great post

& i also have to mention how i LOVEE your picture of you with the boots, perfection! :)


adecco said...

Wow! I love the glittery midnight blue eye shadow. It looks amazing.

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Compare said...

Fabulous finds! I love the color you pick and the dress is just oh lala!

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Hunters Glory said...

great post ~ Hunter