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Friday, June 20, 2008

Emo and Goth = Suicide???

Ytteligare ett tonårssjälvmord. Två tonårsflickor (12 och 13 årsiga) begick självmord i UK. Två flickor (16 årsiga) från Australien hängde sig ifjol. Månge bekrymrade föräldrar klandrar Emo och Gothik musik, till exampel My Chemical Romance och Evanescence.
Är det sant? Kan vi klandrar musiken och musikens lömskare innehåll? Se något lyrik från "Demolition Lovers" och "Tourniquet" av My Chemical Romance och Evanescence.
Emo och Gothik musik kan inte lastas tycker jag. En hälsosam tonåring vill tycker inte självmord då härande att Emo eller Gothik musik. Jag har studerade om depression och talade med depression patienter. Ingen av den patiender talade "My Chemical Romance sa till mig att begick självmord".
Självmord och självskada är en kompleks angelängehet. Månge offer ha riktig problem, till exempel familijproblem, mobbning och stress. Dem är bräcklig. Mycket bräcklig.
Tonåring lever i konkurrenskraftig tider idag och månge pallar inte.
Emo och Gothikmusik ska inte lastas. Självmord och självskada är djupare än lyrik från musik. En är depression som behöver avseende.

Yet another teenage suicide...Another finger pointed at the 'darker' sub-cultures like Emo and Goth. This month in the UK, two teenage girls at the tender ages 12 and 13 hanged themselves. Last year, Australia was rocked by the suicide pact of two 16 year old girls who went missing and were found hanging from a tree together.
Many worried parents blame the uprising style of music. Bands like My Chemical Romance, Evanescence and lots more from the Emo and Gothic genres have been claimed guilty of 'murder'.
How far is this the truth? Can we actually blame the music and their darker content for pushing these young children off the edge? Let's study some lyrics from popular Emo and Gothic bands

"Demolition Lovers" by My Chemical Romance
Hand in mine, into your icy blues
And then I'd say to you we could take to the highway
With this trunk of ammunition too
I'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets

And as we're falling down, and in this pool of blood

And as we're touching hands, and as we're falling down
And in this pool of blood, and as we're falling down
I'll see your eyes, and in this pool of blood
I'll meet your eyes, I mean this forever

"Tourniquet" by Evanescence
I tried to kill the pain
but only brought more
so much more
I lay dying
and I'm pouring crimson regret and betrayal
I'm dying, praying, bleeding and screaming
am I too lost to be saved
am I too lost?

That's only two lyrics. Sure, they do have a darker feel to them. It can bring the idea of suicide to young individuals. But would a healthy teenager listen to these lyrics and just turn around and say "Ok. I'm going to kill myself now".
In my opinion, no. I have learnt about depression and other mental disorders and I have been around these patients and listened to their stories. None of them have ever said "My Chemical Romance told me to cut my wrists, so I did". They always have another story to tell. A story of TRUE problems and worries.
Teenagers today live in a cat-eat-cat world. It is not as easy to be a teenager now as it was then, when the world wasn't so connected. Today, the environment is more competitive and many will feel like they cannot live up to the world. They feel inadequate. Some 'stronger' individuals have the unfortunate taste to torment those who feel inadequate, making them feel like they're not needed or wanted.
Suicide and self-harm is a complex matter. It is never black and white. It's a lot like a tangled ball of thread and the road to recovery is picking out the knots and untangling them. This can be overwhelming for some people, and these people are easily suffocated by their worries. These people need help.
They tend to find solace in darker music, feeling that the music is the only connection they have with. Unfortunately, because of their fragile state, they may misunderstand what they listen. A mentally healthy child would not think of suicide when they read the lyrics above. I read them and I don't think of suicide. It is the portrayal of a rawer side of life, a darker one, which should not be ignored but also one which no one get drowned in.
It is depression which needs to be handled. Not the music. A teenager is fragile and is at a critical point in life. A time when they question their self which can lead to uncertainty, confusion and fear. Coupled with problems some teenagers have (eg family problems, bullying, academic stress), they are at risk of difficulties.
To parents and teachers, help them. Support them and listen to them. To friends, if you see your mate being abnormally quiet of late, talking of suicide or self-harm, spend time with them, watch them, care for them. For those in strife, it is not the end. There is help all around you. All you need to do is ask.

by Lacuna Coil

When you're taught through feelings

Destiny flying high above
all I know is that you can realize it

Destiny who cares
as it turns around
and I know that it descends down on me

It's just another day
the shame is gone
hard to believe
that I've let it go

Destiny can't replace my life
Scary shadows of my past
are alive

Destiny who cares
as it turns around
and I know that it descends
with a smile

It's just another day
the shame is gone
it's hard to believe
that I've let it go away

It's just a melody
it bleeds in me
hard to believe
that I've let it go


dark shades said...

to the writer
am #1 fan of evanescence no one loves them more like i do
if you ever noticed the meaning of the song it talks about salvation not death
To me, this song has biblical and Christian intonations. The woman singing is looking to be saved from her life of "death," or sin rather. The first verse refers to her own attempts to stop the pain of her own sinful life and the fact that it just caused more pain. So it seems she turned to God and now, she's looking to Him as a tourniquet, which is a device to stop bleeding, to prevent her from the self destruction from a sinful life. The "crimson regret and betrayal" refer to the action of sin. In other words, she feels she betrayed God with her sin and she regrets it. She also asks God whether she is too lost to be saved, and whether He remembers her, because she's been away from Him for so long. The last verse which refers to death and suicide may refer to the metaphorical "dying to the world" when a Christian decides to commit their life to God. In short, "Tourniquet" is a song about a woman seeking the Salvation of Christ to deliver her from sin and death. This, of course, is my take on it; this is what the song means TO ME. You're free to disagree, but this is what I think, anyway

so please don't rush into fast conclusions and thanks

My Chemical Romance Fan Girl said...

I love my chemical romance and have been listening to their music ever simce they came out and one thing I now is that their music is made to help teens and prevent suicide. The one thing I wish for is that all the people who think this of their music should first look it up then just into conclusions.

Anonymous said...

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