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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Siren by Annette Olzon

Tarja Turunen

Annette Olzon

Aren't they both beautiful??? I think so!
For those who know the best Finnish metal band in the whole wide world, Nightwish (for those who don't, do check them out. They are AMAZING!!!!) , I'm sure you've been aware of the constant debate whether their new singer, Annette Olzon or their former singer, Tarja Turunen is better. Some say it is Tarja's operatic voice that defines Nightwish and makes Nightwish what it is. And they slag Annette of because she has a different type of voice.

In my opinion. I think BOTH are excellent singers. I believe Tuomas wants to experiment with something new and hence a different kind of voice, more lyrical, like the way Annette sings.

Some fans say that Annette should NEVER EVER sing the older Nightwish songs in which Tarja sang. But I think let her have a go. I've watched performances of the older Nightwish hits like Nemo and Dark Chest of Wonders by Annette and I think her presence in the band and her renditions of her songs are refreshing :) And I think, Annette's best rendition is her interpretation of The Siren, which is one of my favourite songs from Nightwish's album, Once. Check out both versions and tell me what you think.

I say...Go Annette Go! and Tarja, you are still an amazing singer and will forever be loved by Nightwish fans. Love to both of them!

Annette: The Siren live at the Carling Academy, Birmingham
Tarja: The Siren live at End of an Era

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