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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Environmentally friendly

Using the recyclable material, aluminium, this pair of heels are definitely on the list of environmental concerned fashionistas....Environmentally friendly, tick....Bank balance friendly....Sorry ladies..These aluminium heels are handmade and cost almost $4000! I present to you, the ZOE wedge heels by Christian Werner. I must say, they are certainly a piece of art. Very elegant and futuristic :) See more here.

Detta par skor är bryggde med aluminium och bra för miljön. Men de är inte bra för plånboken. Detta par skor är ZOE pumps av Chirstian Werner och går på bårtot $4000. De är emellertid futuristik och mycket elegant :) Se mera här.


Hunters Glory said...

Fashionable art and footwear.

More green ($4k) to go green?

Like to see a foot in them, though...interesting to say the least!

Danz said...

So with these shoes, it's either save the environment or save my bank account. I think my (near-empty) pocket wins this one...mainly because I don't have any other choice. They are cool to look at though!

yiqin; said...

Wow, they are really expensive!!! :/