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Monday, September 8, 2008

Play in the sun

I am not a fan of jumpsuits, but I do love playsuits :) They're like jumpsuits, being one piece, but are shorter. Definitely a great outfit for the casual outing in summer :)

Jag är inte fan av jumpsuit men älskar jag playsuit :) De är lik jumpsuit men är kortare. Mycket bra för den slumpartad utfärden på sommar :)

From Top Shop

Stop Staring Gwen Polka Dot playsuit US$118.00

Diesel playsuit £55.00

Bloomer parachute jumpsuit £180.00

And this is probably the only jumpsuit which actually caught my fancy. From Diesel


StrikeMatch said...

Oh that glitter jumpsuit will haunt my dreams. I'm too long-bodied for playsuit etc...

So Stylish So Sassy said...

I want a jumpsuit SO bad..I'm on the hunt!

BTW, WHOWHATWEAR.COM has a Tim Burton "Gothic look" post. Check it out!

styledigger said...

Jumpsuit from Diesel is great!

Jenny H. said...

that topshop sequinned one is very intense.
i kinda like it though....

Bucca said...

Love the 'stop staring' one that brand has some fantastic clothes!

Lil Midget said...

Strikematch: While you're too long bodied for playsuits...I'm too short bodied for jumpsuits! :P

So Stylish So Sassy: I've checked the site out...Delish! THanks for the link xo

Styledigger: I do agree!

Jenny H: I'm not too sure I fancy the sequin thing. Maybe if it was a dark red perhaps. But I do like the bow it has.

Bucca: Yes! While I'm not a fan of dots, the whole red and white polka dots thing is very adorable. It makes the playsuit look even more fun!

THanks for the comments peeps! Luv all :) xo

Anjeanette said...

I wish there was a Top shop in L.A.! I also LOVE the jumpsuit!

Hunters Glory said...

Like the Diesel look!