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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jennifer Hawkins a role model for body issues..Maybe, maybe not.

Jennifer Hawkins was on the cover for this month's Marie Claire, 'baring all' for all to see. As seen in the cover, she flaunts her 'flaws' without photoshop in a bid to help women feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Jen is a gorgeous woman, but seriously, is she the best person to help women feel comfortable with their own bodies? I admire her for not photoshopping the shot, like most magazines do, but how many of us are naturally leggy and slim? Not everyone's a beautiful supermodel. Most Australians are not a size 8. My personal opinion would be a size 10-14, and these people are still beautiful people. Why didn't Marie Claire choose a more average sized woman? Maybe it's because they're worried that the magazine won't sell if they put a size 12 woman on its cover instead of a size 8 model? Maybe, maybe not.

I wish well to Jen for being down-to-earth and loving her body and wanting to help women accept their bodies, but I still don't think she would be a good role model regarding body issues for women.

What do you think? xxx


Couture Carrie said...

She is flawless...
I totally hear you that MC could have chosen a more "real" representative for their cover.


Hunters Glory said...

Happy new year lil!

good post as well!


Rand said...

she looks alright

Ms. Givens said...

They should put whomever they want on the cover no matter what size they are. But since super models have always been twiggy thin I guess its hard to break away from the habit.

Nancy said...

You're right, she's trying to send a good message, but she's already skinny and a model! Maybe someone who's smart and beautiful that doesn't have this model-isque figure. Now if we can get Oprah on this issue, it might be a little more realistic! :)

Adelaide said...

Why do people always talk about tall, slim women like they're aren't humans?

Lil Midget said...

To Adelaide:

I'm not saying that being tall and slim is not normal. Some people are naturally tall and slim, but the majority aren't in Australia. I have nothing against Jen or tall and slim people, but perhaps MC should have chosen a better person to grace their cover for the purpose of helping women feel comfortable with their bodies.

Thanks for ur comments evryone!


Eric said...
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